Active Flipper
The modules are not on general sale yet, but there is a good indication what the cost will be. However, the exact target price depends heavily on the production size and that is an unknown variable at the moment. So, with some luck it will be cheap(er). Below is a list of sales-prices of the various modules and controllers based on production size.

The best way to get the prices down is to have many people show interest and send me an indication of their interest by filling out the form. That will enable me to tune all parameters to an optimal setting and offer best value at lowest price.

Please note: The table is based on module/controller production size. That is the dominating cost-factor.

Production size 10+ 150+ 1000+
FlipDemo - Battery operated 1x7, w/USB €48.00€28.00€20.00
Active Flipper - 7x7 Module Small €80.00€46.00€36.50
Active Flipper - 7x7 Module Large €85.00€51.00€41.00
Active Flipper Control - Cascade-able x16 Controller €44.00€23.00€15.00
Active Flipper Control - Breakout Board €11.00€7.50€5.00
Active Flipper Control - Passive Controller €38.00€16.50€11.00
Active Flipper Control - Differential Input Controller €44.00€23.00€15.00
Flipdot Wall - 64 Large Modules, w/Ethernet(*)  €4950.00€4100.00

(*): The wall pricing is based on the number of modules manufactured, not number of walls.

All specified prices are per unit pricing. The prices do not include any shipping or local import duties.

Combinations, i.e. a module plus a controller, may receive some rebate. Ordering multiple modules in one order (e.g. 4, 9, 16, 25), will also receive rebates progressive of order size. Details are yet to be determined.

No price guarantees can be given at this moment and above table should be taken as indicative.

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